Daniel Lawrence, Ph.D.
Research Scientist


Daniel Lawrence, PhD, an expert in technologies and analytics used by law enforcement as well as methods to improve police-community relations. His research interests include police technologies (e.g, body-worn cameras, gunshot detection technology/ShotSpotter, public surveillance systems), police legitimacy and procedural justice, police screening and hiring practices, and community policing. Dr. Lawrence's objective is to produce high-quality empirical research using innovative approaches that are grounded in criminological theory. Before coming to CNA, Dr. Lawrence worked at the Urban Institute's Justice Policy Center and RTI International's Policing Research Program, where he led multiple evaluations of policing technologies and practices. At the Center for Research in Law and Justice at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Dr. Lawrence was the project manager of the National Police Research Platform, a large-scale study to advance knowledge and practice in American policing. He also served as a research consultant for two Illinois criminal justice research agencies, performing analyses on criminal history record information for recidivism, disproportionate youth of color contact, and Illinois Senate bill impacts, among others.

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