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CNA's 8 Decades, 8 Stories: 1950s Port Congestion in the Korean War (Narrated by Dr. Warren Sutton)
CNA's 8 Decades, 8 Stories: 1970s ASVAB Cheating Problems Fixed (Told by Bill Simms)
CNA's 8 Decades, 8 Stories: 1980s TOPGUN Outer Air Battle (Told by Christine Fox)
CNA's 8 Decades, 8 Stories: 1990s Wargame with International Leaders (Told by Anne Dixon)
CNA's 8 Decades, 8 Stories: 2000s SMART Policing (Told by Stephen Rickman)
CNA's 8 Decades, 8 Stories: 2010s Challenging Response to Hurricane Sandy (Told by Dawn Thomas)
Wargame: Merlin | CNA
CNA | Reimagining Defense Strategy
CNA | Viral Extremism: COVID, Violent Extremist Organizations, and U.S.Counterterrorism Policy
CNA | Preparing for Tomorrow’s Threats: Overcoming Obstacles to Organize, Adapt, and Innovate
Prevailing Under the Nuclear Shadow: A New Framework for US Escalation Management
Diversity in Nuclear Policy: How Has the Field Changed?
Masculinity and Authoritarianism: Political Leadership and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
Women in Data Science Regional Event-Arlington 3/27/2023
CNA | Testimony by Dr. Jonathon Schroden on withdrawal of U.S. Troops from Afghanistan
NATIONAL SECURITY SEMINAR​ Artificial Intelligence in Nuclear Operations​ | CNA
#InclusiveNatSec How Disinformation Divides Communities of Color
Inclusive NatSec: Racism in Terrorism and Counterterrorism
Inclusive NatSec: Gender Equity, International Development, and National Security
Inclusive NatSec: Inclusivity in Wargaming and Impacts for Defense Planning
Inclusive NatSec: Metrics and Methods: Assessing Gender Equity in National Security
Inclusive Nat Sec: AI and National Security: Gender, Race and Algorithms
Inclusive NatSec: Gender, Sex, Stability, and Security
#InclusiveNatSec Climate Conflicts and Environmental Peacebuilding: Intersectional Approaches | CNA
Inclusive NatSec: Gender Stereotypes and Transgender Service Members
#InclusiveNatSec Breaking the Brass Ceiling: Recruiting & Retaining Women in Law Enforcement
CNA | #InclusiveNatsec From the Battlefield to the Home: Violence Against Women & Girls in Crises