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Innovation and Communications

The 21st century requires new types of expertise that CNA has developed as special areas of focus. We use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in our own analyses and evaluate autonomous systems for our sponsors and clients. Cybersecurity expertise adds real-world relevance to a wide range of tactical and operational analyses. Our scientists also have a deep history of analyzing data links and the command and control of dispersed forces.

CNA analysts translate their expertise in cutting-edge technologies into practical guidance for decision-makers. We have developed tools to implement government policy on autonomous systems. Our analyses of the new Identification Friend or Foe Mode 5 upgrade in the Navy have resulted in significant reliability improvements. And CNA has pioneered a capability to incorporate cyber operations into any wargame through the Merlin cyber module.

Cyber, IT Systems, and Networks Program

CNA analysis “puts the no-kidding warfighting impact behind the theoretical of communications and cyber.” Dr. Andrew Mara describes the work of the CNA Cyber, IT Systems, and Networks Program.