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Dr. Jonathan Schroden Testifies Before the Senate Armed Services Committee
How Can Special Operations Forces Contribute to Strategic Competition?
In his testimony, Jon Schroden discussed what special operations forces need to change to become an effective force in interstate competition.
Kaliningrad: Impregnable Fortress or “Russian Alamo”?
Steve Wills examines the Russian Port City of Kaliningrad, its significance to the Russian Federation and how Finland’s acceptance into NATO has increased its isolation.
What Happened at the Biden-Yoon Summit?
Brian Waidelich examines the US and South Korea’s “Washington Declaration,” and what it means for strategic deterrence on the Korean Peninsula.
All In on Africa
Kaia Haney examines the Biden Administration’s recent diplomacy in Africa and how it ties into strategic competition on the continent.
What a Stronger U.S.-Philippine Alliance Means for Beijing
James Bellacqua examines the impact of greater security cooperation between the U.S. and the Philippines on Beijing and the Indo-Pacific region.