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Beijing’s COVID-19 Policies Are Changing
James Bellacqua examines how Beijing has adjusted its COVID-19 strategy in the wake of the nationwide protests, and what challenges the country still faces in confronting the pandemic.
Beijing’s Zero-COVID Dilemma
James Bellacqua gives context to the recent protests of China's zero COVID policy, and what these protests mean for Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party.
CCP Conference
China’s New Military Leadership
By examining the newly selected leaders of China’s Central Military Commission (CMC), their backgrounds and professional competencies, we can better understand how they may influence the trajectory of the PLA’s development over the next five years.
China's Party Congress Report Highlights New Challenges
Xi Jinping’s report celebrated China’s recent accomplishments but warned of new challenges from the United States and global economic conditions.
The China- Russia ‘No Limits’ Partnership Is Still Going Strong
Elizabeth Wishnick explores how the war in Ukraine has impacted China and Russia's partnership as well as the relationship between Xi and Putin.