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Marine and CNA analyst on laptops
CNA: A Cultural Revolution Empowering Business Transformation
CNA Chief Information Officer Rizwan Jan is fostering a collaborative culture to drive innovation, efficiency, and cybersecurity.
sailor and flags of NATO countries in front of Royal Canadian Navy frigate
NATO’s Navies at 75: Five Operational Imperatives to Watch
At NATO’s 75th anniversary, its navies are investing in five critical areas: surface ships, air defense, antisubmarine warfare, uncrewed platforms, and logistics.
Building with hospital closed sign
What Hospitals Can Do to Protect Themselves from Ransomware
Hospitals are increasingly victims of ransomware and other costly cyberattacks. They can protect themselves by preparing response plans for cyber disruptions.
Map of Africa with Chinese yuan currency on it
Dangers and Opportunities as China’s Loans to Africa Come Due
In Africa, China’s infrastructure loans, secretive contracts, and inflexible debt negotiations have caused economic and debt distress in some countries.
Air Force uniform with Cyber badge
CNA Models the Cyberwar That Has Never Happened … Yet
A CNA computer model simulates a cyber conflict and tests cyber tactics. It shows that hackers must be thousands of times more effective than cyber defenders.