Julian Waller, Ph.D.
Associate Research Analyst


Julian G. Waller is an expert in the politics of authoritarian regimes in post-Soviet Eurasia and Europe, with a special focus on Russian domestic political institutions and their interactions with political-military topics. His recent analytical contributions at CNA have included reports on Russian military strategy, media analysis, and domestic AI developments. His other academic research has recently included projects on illiberalism and authoritarian politics in Russia, authoritarian constitutionalism in Eurasia, policy diffusion processes across the post-Soviet space, and disinformation and social media in Ukraine.

Prior to joining CNA, Waller was a Visiting Scholar at the Centre for East European and International Studies (ZOiS) in Berlin, Germany, where he worked on issues related to political regimes in Eastern Europe. He holds a Bachelors in International Affairs and a Masters in Political Science from George Washington University and is completing a Ph.D in Political Science there as well. He speaks Russian.