Glen Landry, Ph.D.
Research Scientist


Glen Landry is an expert in working with stakeholders to understand their needs, and translating those needs into acquisition artifacts. He does this through rigorous system engineering processes that include development of a concept of operations, system architecture, and requirements.

Landry's recent research topics include support to the FAA Aeronautical Information Management Modernization (AIMM) acquisition. As part of this effort, he worked with a diverse set of stakeholders including air traffic control and facility specialists, and aeronautical information specialists. He developed close working relationships to understand shortfalls in their information management environment and to develop use cases and a concept of operations for future information management capabilities. Landry led the shortfalls analysis which quantified and monetized stakeholder shortfalls and provided a foundation for the acquisition business case. He supported program requirements development, market survey analysis, and creation and evaluation of the Screening Information Request.

Prior to joining CNA, Landry was a postdoctoral associate U.S. Naval Research Laboratory where he studied biosensors. He has a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Delaware.