Vivian Elliott
Center Co-Director


Vivian Elliott is an expert in criminal justice and emergency preparedness. She supports law enforcement agencies across the country in implementing and evaluating evidence-based policing strategies; assessing organizational capacities; building effective federal, state, local, and community partnerships; and developing policies and procedures. She is currently the Project Director for two national training and technical assistance programs for the Department of Justice (Project Safe Neighborhoods and the National Public Safety Partnership). She is also supports the Chicago Police Department Independent Monitoring Team, as an analyst on use of force and Project Manager.

Prior to joining CNA, Elliott was worked as a research assistant for a computer science public policy office in Washington, DC, where she provided qualitative and quantitative analysis to the scientific community and policymakers to improve their awareness of issues with education, data privacy/security, digital government, electronic voting, and web accessibility. She also has technical scientific and analytical experience, ranging from computer forensics at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, biological forensics at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and scientific analysis/research at a private-sector company and at universities.

Elliott has a masters degree in Molecular Biotechnology from George Washington University.