Dov S. Zakheim, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow


Dov Zakheim is an expert in defense strategy, programs and budgets, defense acquisition and contracting, defense-industrial collaboration, inter-agency process, Iraq, missile defense, and naval strategy, policy and organization. His research and analysis, as well as policymaking responsibilities, span the gamut of defense planning, programming and budgeting issues, wartime contracting and acquisition, and major developments in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and East and Southeast Asia. He is also an Executive Advisor to the Chief of Naval Operations.

Previously, Zakheim was Senior Vice President of Booz Allen Hamilton, where he led the firm's support of U.S. Combatant Commanders worldwide. He also served as Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) and Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Defense, coordinator of DOD's civilian programs in Afghanistan, and Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Planning and Resources in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Policy). He is a member of the boards of several institutions, including the Atlantic Council, the Center for the National Interest, the Foreign Policy Research Institute and the Defense Business Board of the DOD.

Zakheim has a D.Phil. in Economics and Politics from St. Antony's College at the University of Oxford and a B.A. in Government from Columbia University. He speaks French and Hebrew.


August 12, 2019

Dov S. Zakheim  writes, "At a time when American reliability is being questioned around the world, signaling uncertainty about America's ability to defend Taiwan would further undermine Washington's standing as a credible ally, especially in East Asia."

The Hill: "If China Crushes Hong Kong, Is Taiwan Next?"

May 5, 2019

Dov S. Zakheim writes, "Other Russian projects that are in their earliest development stages, but whose American and/or Chinese equivalents are closer to being fielded, would be likely targets for Russian-supported U.N. restrictive guidelines."

The Hill: "Russia's Sudden Change of Heart on AI"

March 6, 2019

Dov S. Zakheim writes, "Training, on the other hand, should no longer be an American mission, either for the military or for contractors. The Europeans may well be more successful in that regard; they could do no worse."

The Hill: "America Failed in Training Afghan Security Forces - Europe Might Do Better"

February 26, 2019

Dov S. Zakheim writes, "Having to face a coalition that includes three respected former generals so fundamentally changed the prime minister's calculus that he had to reach out to a group that hitherto was politically untouchable."

The Hill: "Bibi Could Win with Risky Gamble, but U.S. and Israel Could Lose"

January 25, 2019

Dov Zakheim writes, “For now, it would be best if Washington continued to act forcefully in the political and diplomatic spheres. It should continue to support and work with Guaido and his democratic colleagues to implement desperately needed reforms.”

The Hill: “What’s Next for Venezuela — and for Washington”

January 16, 2019

Dov Zakheim writes, “Washington is uniquely situated to maintain the fragile state of non-belligerence — peace is too strong a word — that exists between the Turks and the Syrian Kurds.”

The Hill: “Turkey’s Threat to Kurds Demands U.S. Protection”