Jonathan Schroden, Ph.D.
Research Program Director
Special Ops Research Coordinator


Jonathan Schroden directs the Stability and Development Program. Schroden is an expert on the Marine Corps, special operations forces, terrorism/counterterrorism, indigenous force development, security force assistance, foreign internal defense, insurgency/counterinsurgency, unconventional warfare, stability operations and operations assessment.

Since joining CNA in 2003, Schroden has deployed ten times to Afghanistan, twice to Iraq, and traveled extensively throughout the Middle East. He served as the CNA Field Representative to several Marine Corps commands, to U.S. Central Command, and to the International Security Assistance Force. Schroden has most recently directed multiple independent assessments of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces and a study of how to improve the integration of special operations forces and general purpose forces for crisis response. He has also deployed on numerous Navy ships and supported disaster relief operations in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Schroden holds a Ph.D. and an M.S. from Cornell University and two B.S. degrees from the University of Minnesota-Duluth.


November 20, 2019

Jonathan Schroden says, "In the absence of a path to get a deal it's an era of uncertainty. US troops have been given an order to hammer the Taliban like they've never been hit before, but to what end?"

Financial Times: "Taliban Commanders Released in Afghan Prisoner Swap"

September 17, 2019

Jonathan Schroden says, "The U.S. is most concerned about IS-K [Islamic State Khorasan] as potentially the next big thing inside ISIS."

Express: "Return of ISIS: Taliban Fight 'Join ISIS in Droves' - 'U.S. Is Concerned'"

September 9, 2019

Jonathan Schroden says, "I'd put my money on U.S. demands for the Taliban to offer more on the cease-fire element of the deal."

Radio Free Europe: "Why Did Trump Call off the Taliban Talks: A Negotiating Tactic, Washington Worries About the Deal, or Showmanship?"

September 9, 2019

Jonathan Schroden says, "I think the Taliban will insist on still having that agreement be reached with the U.S. before they will sit down with the Afghan government."

France 24: "Impossible Deal? Trump's Aborted Afghanistan Peace Plan"

September 8, 2019

Jonathan Schroden says, "If only he [President Trump] can conclude the deal and he prefers to do so face-to-face, what will it take to now get back to that situation?"

Politico: "No Deal: Trump's Skills Face New Questions After Scuttling of Afghan Talks"

September 8, 2019

Jonathan Schroden says, "It will give him more street cred with the community than West had, so if he endorses whatever the review's findings are, it would add some weight to them."

Politico: "'Tequila-Drinking Navy SEAL' in the Running to Oversee Elite Troops"