Cornell Overfield
Associate Research Analyst


Cornell Overfield is an expert in transatlantic relations and international relations theory. At CNA, he has worked on projects covering Arctic security and economic activity, improved engagement with allies and partners, and data analytics. His work and writing on US national security strategy, Arctic affairs, and international maritime law have appeared in Foreign Policy, The Economist, Politico, Lawfare, and academic journals. Overfield has an MA in European and Russian studies from Yale and a BA in history and international relations from the University of Pennsylvania.


September 25, 2020

Cornell Overfield writes, "With a history of cooperation, the U.S. and Canada must put the long-standing dispute over Canada's Arctic waters claims to rest. The Kiwi Roa's transit offers a chance for the pair to stand united and confront the Arctic's looming geopolitical, economic and environmental challenges."

Lawfare: "Could a Kiwi Sailor's Northwest Passage Transit Break the Legal Ice Between Canada and the U.S.?"

July 22, 2020

Cornell Overfield writes, "The challenges of overlapping shelf and water column rights is not an issue of rule of law versus governance, but rather one of rule of law versus rule of habit."

CIMSEC: "Reflecting the Law of the Sea: In Defense of the Bay of Bengal's Grey Area"