Rebecca Norton
Research Scientist


Rebecca Norton is an expert in business analysis. Her recent research topics include the grants domain as part of the Grants Management Modernization (GMM) project and aeronautical information domain within the FAA, Air Traffic Organization. Norton has spent three years on the GMM project and established the AS-IS business architecture for all grants in FEMA and facilitated re-engineering activities to created a streamlined TO-BE business architecture. Norton has supported the FAA since 2010 and has worked with business units to understand processes and data with respect to airport and navaid information, obstacles, and Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs).

Prior to joining CNA, Norton was a mathematics teacher with Teach For America and the Atlanta Public Schools where she taught high school mathematics at Benjamin E. Mays.

Norton has a master's degree in mathematics from the University of Georgia, where she taught calculus, pre-calculus as an instructor, and conducted her thesis research in mathematical modeling of seizures with integrate-and-fire neurons in zebrafish.