Andrew Ilachinski, Ph.D.
Principal Research Scientist


Andrew Ilachinski specializes in the mathematical and computer modeling of complex adaptive systems. He pioneered the application of agent-based modeling (ABM), and evolutionary programming techniques to military operations research problems, and developed two of the earliest ABMs of land warfare. His research topics have included electronic warfare (EW), terrorist networks, data visualization and pattern recognition, climate change, the impact of sonar on marine mammals, unmanned systems, and combat swarms. Ilachinski has served as the CNA Field Representative to the Commander, Electronic Attack Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet (analyzing EW issues), and is currently looking at the military implications of the explosive growth in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomous weapon system technologies.

Ilachinski has authored two graduate-level mathematical physics textbooks (Cellular Automata and Artificial War, by World Scientific), contributed chapters to others (including Springer-Verlag's prestigious 11-volume Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science, and briefed the distinguished JASON Defense Advisory Panel on complexity science.

Ilachinski has a Ph.D. in Physics and B.S. degrees in Mathematics and Physics (all from the State University of NY, Stony Brook), and serves on the editorial board of two international journals (Journal of Cellular Automata and the International Journal of General Systems. He is fluent in Russian.


October 19, 2017

Andrew Ilachinski says "I will simply say, in my opinion, AI will have a greater impact in our lifetime, certainly our children's lifetime, on human culture than anything in our history."

Breaking Defense: "'Landmark Event' In Artificial Intelligence: DeepMind Trains Itself"

August 24, 2017

Scout (via Real Clear Defense) quotes CNA analyst Andrew Ilachinski, Ph.D. in “Should Autonomous Robots Be Able to Kill on Their Own?”

June 7, 2017

CNA publishes AI, Robots, and Swarms: Issues, Questions, and Recommended Studies by CNA analyst Andrew Ilachinski, Ph.D. (full report and summary)

June 7, 2017

CNA releases a new report on artificial intelligence, robots and swarms, which outlines specific actions necessary to move the U.S. military into the robotic age. Read more.

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