Margaux Hoar
Research Program Director


Margaux Hoar directs the Organizations, Roles, and Missions research program at CNA. Her team conducts organizational, process, and command and control analyses, which provide tailored, transformative solutions to support the vision of CNA's sponsors. Under her leadership, the program has implemented innovative techniques—including organizational wargaming for the creation of new organizations and translating private and public sector insights for military relevance.

In 2018, Hoar directed the congressionally mandated development of an independent plan for a Department of the Space Force. Currently, her team is providing follow-on design expertise to the Air Force's Space Force Planning Task Force. She has served in an advisory role to several DOD reorganization planning teams, and has spoken on lessons for enduring change in military commands. She continues to provide expert, analysis-informed advice to senior leaders and their staffs exploring organizational change.

In her 14 years at CNA, Hoar has also served as a senior research scientist and project director, as well as CNA's scientific advisor to the Marine Corps Training and Education Command. Hoar's major focus of analysis was Marine Corps and Navy command reorganization and training issues. Her training studies involved issues of time, balance, irregular warfare, and the use of simulation.

Hoar holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering, both from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She also holds a graduate certificate in International Security Policy from the George Washington University's Elliott School and has completed coursework with MIT's Sloan School of Management Executive Program.


December 3, 2020

Margaux Hoar writes, "DoD leaders should emphasize efficiency through a lens of resilience, and may find that they can achieve both."

Modern War Institute: "The Building With a Million Meetings: Can the Pentagon Be Both Efficient and Resilient?"

November 5, 2020

"Margaux Hoar and Simone Robers discussed the ways in which commands adjusted how and where staff work was done for force health preservation."

DVIDS: "NWDC Guest Speaker Series: CNA Professionals Discuss Staff Adaptations to COVID-19"

December 6, 2019

Margaux Hoar says the Space Force needs to have 'permeability' between its Active and Reserve components, giving the opportunity for personnel to quickly and easily 'on-ramp and off-ramp' between the two.

Air Force Magazine: "USAF Officials: Create Space Force to Be Effective on Day One"

August 16, 2019

According to the CNA InDepth article, Do the Seals Have a Culture Problem or an OPTEMPO Problem? The Answer Might be "Yes" by Margaux Hoar and Jonathan Schroden, problematic behaviors such as driving under the influence or using illegal drugs "correlated positively with the extent of the time constraint." "SOCOM Must Make These Changes as It Reviews Ethics Problems, Operators and Experts Say"

March 14, 2019

Margaux Hoar writes, "The sooner we can all appreciate that subjective and qualitative are not equivalent, the sooner our military may best avail itself of the benefits that quantitative analysis can provide."

U.S. Naval Institute Blog: "Data Analytics Versus Subjective Assessments Is a False Choice"

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