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A Turing Test, the GAN Zoo, and Dreaming of Electric Sheep
Driverless Vehicles, Digital Yeast, and Montezuma’s Revenge
Hawking, Measuring “AI Capability” to the 9th Decimal Point, AI & Legal Liability, and Digital Creativity
Common Sense, Black Boxes, and Getting Robots to Teach Themselves
Can Anything Stop the Malicious AI??
Insights Into Russian Developments in AI and Unmanned Systems
Talent, Gadgets, Collaboration, and Doggos
Synapses, Voynich, ELIZA, and Golem XIV
AI with AI: Lethal Autonomy and the Military Targeting Process, Part II
Lethal Autonomy and the Military Targeting Process, Part I
Generative Adversarial Networks Galore
Meta AI
Countering AI Classifiers, and Introducing Doubt to AI
Tacotron, Aesthetics, and a Musical Game
Top 100s, Workshops, Ethics, and Quantum Computing!
NIPS, Docs, and Clips
The Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) Conference
AlphaZero and the AI Index
DoD AI Spending, Lifelong Learning Machines, and Accountability
U.N. Convention on Conventional Weapons, Part I
Slaughterbots and Fruit Flies
Training AIs; MIT Tech Review
Patterns and AI; AutoML
AlphaGo Zero