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Explore All: Tactics and Operations

Russian military leader with rocket in background
The Role of Space in Russia’s Operations in Ukraine
Lancet kamikaze drone,”, 16 July 2022
How AI and Autonomy in Russia-Ukraine War Affect Stability
Space Marines: Opportunities for the Marine Corps
Caroon illustrating Goodhart's Law, “when a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.”
Goodhart's Law
MERLIN: Wargaming Cyber Operations to Transform All-Domain Warfare
Flights of Analysis: As an analytical organization, TOPGUN is a model
Report Cover For Independent Audit of the City of Little Rock Police Department
Independent Audit of the City of Little Rock Police Department
man testing underwater robot
Addressing AI's Operational Challenges
The U.S. Departs Afghanistan
September 11, 2021
Analysis in Combat: The Legacy of Desert Storm
Analysis in Combat: Operation Desert Saber
Analysis in Combat: First to the Front
Analysis in Combat: Desert Storm at Sea
Analysis in Combat: The Story of Desert Storm
Special Operations forces at night
Why Are Special Operations Ever Conducted?
Roll of 'I Voted' stickers
The Evolution of Russian Election Disinformation
A flowchart explaining the processes of AI and emerging threats
Artificial Intelligence: Emerging Themes, Issues, and Narratives
mask in a bottle
Adrift: COVID-19 and the Safety of Seafarers
National Guardsmen with Company A, 2nd Battalion, 20th Special Forces Group (Airborne) prepare to exit a C-130 Hercules during a night training mission over Muscatatuck, Ind.
Why Special Operations? A Risk-Based Theory
A photo of a lightbulb made out of geometric patterns
Putting Innovation into Practice
A 1920s photo of a naval vessel with many people posing for picture
Naval Integration through History: Five Case Studies
Antarctica is the New Arctic
After Soleimani