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AI with AI

Episode 1.21: Common Sense, Black Boxes, and Getting Robots to Teach Themselves

Larry Lewis, Director of CNA’s Center for Autonomy and AI, sits in for Dave this week, as he and Andy discuss: a recent report that not all Google employees are happy with Google’s partnership with DoD (in developing a drone-footage-analyzing AI); research efforts designed to lift the lid – just a bit - on the so-called “black box” reasoning of neural-net-based AIs; some novel ways of getting robots/AIs to teach themselves; and an arcade-playing AI that has essentially “discovered” that if you can’t win at the game, it is best to either kill yourself or cheat. The podcast ends with a nod to a new free online AI resource offered by Google, another open access book (this time on the subject of Robotics), and a fascinating video of Stephen Wolfram of Mathematica fame, lecturing about artificial general intelligence and the “computational universe” to a computer science class at MIT.

CNA Office of Communications

John Stimpson, Communications Associate