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Explore All: Strategic Competition

Maduro and Putin shaking hands
Russian-Venezuelan Defense Cooperation
“Permanent group of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea provides air defense in Syria,”
Russia’s Black Sea Fleet: Toward a Multiregional Force
Putin-Kim Summit
three windows with a truck carrying a nuclear warhead seen through them
Nuclear Arms Control Without a Treaty? Risks and Options After New Start
North Korea-U.S. Summit
Chinese Arctic Investment, Part II
A collage of naval items. Ships, soldiers, and a submarine.
The Russian Navy in the 21st Century: The Legacy and the New Path
Helsinki Summit
Russian armored vehicles
The Current State of Russian-Chinese Defense Cooperation
Jets on a carrier
The Russian Air Campaign in Syria: A Preliminary Analysis
Chinese Arctic Investment, Part I
Moscow Conference on International Security
Left photo depicts an F-14A VF-213 intercepting a Soviet Il-38 in 1981. Right photo depicts PLAN ships at sea.
Great Power Competition in the Indian Ocean: The Past As Prologue?
Nuclear Posture Review
Vlad Putin giving a speech at a podium
Mapping Russian Media Network: Media’s Role in Russian Foreign Policy and Decision-making
Russian Disinformation Tactics
Putin meeting with another official
Analytic Framework for Emulating Russian Decision-Making
A map of Djibouti, a Chinese flag, and a Djibouti flag
China’s Military Support Facility in Djibouti: The Economic and Security Dimensions of China’s First Overseas Base
Russian flag with code overlaying it
Russia's Approach to Cyber Warfare
Maritime Security in Asia
Generic CNA report logo
Get Ready for the Second Phase of the Chinese Military
Person playing a wargame
Gaming Sea-based Multinational HA/DR Operations at PACOM Amphibious Leaders Symposium 2016
a naval vessel
Becoming a Great “Maritime Power”: A Chinese Dream
A flowchart of Chinese military escalation
Managing Conflict: Examining Recent PLA Writings on Escalation Control