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Explore All: Strategic Competition

 Flags and banners in front of captured Donetsk RSA on April 13, 2014. All flags with mourning ribbons.
Mobilizing Compatriots: Russia's Strategy, Tactics, and Influence in the Former Soviet Union
Three soldiers with guns
Russia’s “Ambiguous Warfare” and Implications for the U.S. Marine Corps
A map of the South China Sea with the nine-dash line
The South China Sea: Assessing U.S. Policy and Options for the Future
South China Sea Claims and Agreements
China versus Vietnam: An Analysis of the Competing Claims in the South China Sea
A map of the South China Sea with China's nine-dash line
Philippine Claims in the South China Sea: A Legal Analysis
A map of the South China Sea with the nine-dash line
Malaysia and Brunei: An Analysis of their Claims in the South China Sea
A collage of North Korean images
North Korean Leadership Dynamics and Decision-making under Kim Jong-un
A satellite image of a town
The Israeli “Nuclear Alert” of 1973: Deterrence and Signaling in Crisis
Map from CNA Maritime Asia Project, Workshop One: The Yellow and East China Seas
The Long Littoral Project: East China and Yellow Seas | A Maritime Perspective on Indo-Pacific Security
The insignias of the Navy and Air Force
U.S. Navy – U.S. Air Force Relationships, 1970-2010
Generic CNA reports logo
Trafficking Golden Crescent Drugs into Western China: An Analysis and Translation of a Recent Chinese Police Research Article
A collage of various moments from the Sino-Soviet War
The Sino-Soviet Border Conflict: Deterrence, Escalation, and the Threat of Nuclear War in 1969
Iranian and Chinese official shaking hands
A Closer Look at China-Iran Relations: Roundtable Report
A Chinese and Indian official shaking hands
Exploring the China-India Relationship: Roundtable Report
Generic CNA reports logo
The Military Dimensions of U.S. – China Security Cooperation: Retrospective and Future Prospects
Pakistani and Chinese officials meet
Exploring the China-Pakistan Relationship: Roundtable Report
PLA naval soldiers saluting a naval vessel
China’s Participation in Anti-Piracy Operations off the Horn of Africa: Drivers and Implications
China Reconsiders Its National Security