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Satellite image of a hurricane
Prepare, Prepare, Prepare… For Hurricane Season
Changing Policing Culture Through Community Members and Officers
America’s First Female Terrorist Group
Dissecting Disasters: A Dive Into Responding to Real-World Incidents
Resolving the identity crisis in the military services
Collage of Correctional Facility images
Correctional Officer Safety and Use of Safety Equipment in Correctional Facilities
A woman sitting at a computer it what seems to be a control center
Common Operational Picture Technology in Law Enforcement: A Market Review
syringe in foreground
Opioid Data Initiative
Domestic Terrorism in the United States
Hurricane Maria
Supply Chain Resilience and the 2017 Hurricane Season
cropped cover
Pinellas County, Florida Hurricane Irma After-Action Report
A police officer with a body-worn camera
The Benefits of Body-Worn Cameras
Hurricane Harvey Recovery
Emergency Management and Preparedness
Justice and Policing in the U.S.
Grocery warehouse full of food could help in natural disaster
The Role of Groceries in Response to Catastrophes
Las Vegas After-Action Assessment
generic report art
Cumulative Land Cover Impacts of Proposed Transmission Pipelines in the Delaware River Basin
generic cover art
The Potential Environmental Impact from Fracking in the Delaware River Basin
generic report art
The Impacts of EPA’s Clean Power Plan on Electricity Generation and Water Use in Texas
generic art
Why the Emergency Management Community Should be Concerned about Climate Change
Generic CNA logo
Lump Sum Alternatives to Current Veterans’ Disability Compensation
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