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A globe of media in the Chinese flag with the Vietnamese flag in the center of it
China’s Efforts to Shape the Information Environment in Vietnam
Keep Calm and Work on AI Safety
AI Safety: An Action Plan for the Navy
a solider in front of the word "AI"
AI and Autonomy in War: Understanding and Mitigating Risks
A meme from Toy Story
Exploring the Utility of Memes for U.S. Government Influence Campaigns
The Thinker made out of geometric webs
REDEFINING HUMAN CONTROL‌‌: Lessons from the Battlefield for Autonomous Weapons
The Thinker made out of geometric webs
Artificial Intelligence & Autonomy: Opportunities and Challenges
A green brain
Insights for the Third Offset: Addressing Challenges of Autonomy and Artificial Intelligence in Military Operations
Generic Report Cover
AI, Robots, and Swarms: Issues, Questions, and Recommended Studies