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Chasing AIMe
The PLA and Intelligent Warfare: A Preliminary Analysis
The Psychology of (Dis)information: Case Studies and Implications
“Internet effects on brain, conceptual illustration,” Science Photo Library via Britannica ImageQuest, accessed Sept. 21, 2021,
The Psychology of (Dis)information: A Primer on Key Psychological Mechanisms
AI Today: Interview with Andy Ilachinski and David Broyles
Pet Shop Bots: BEHAVIOR
The WHO AI: I Can’t Explain (My Generation)
China's Efforts in the Information Environment cover image
China’s Efforts to Shape the Information Environment in the Mekong Region
Beauty Is in the AI of the Perceiver
XLand, Simulation of Sweet Adventures
The AI Is Smarter on the Other Side of the FENCE
GPT Is My CoPilot
lightbulb shining on squares transforming to a circle
How to Think about Innovation
Journey to the Cause of Reason
Reward of the Coprophages
Testing Tomorrow’s Decisions, Today: Introducing StaffLab™
No Time to AI
Someday My ‘Nets Will Code
Just the Tip of the Skyborg
Xen and the Art of Motorcell Maintenance
Donkey Pong