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The Quality-Volume Relationship: Comparing Civilian and MHS Practice
Captain Jessica M. Moore, an AH-1 Cobra pilot with Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 167, is pictured with her aircraft in Al Asad, Iraq, 2005. Photo By: Cpl James D. Hame, USMC.
The Integration of Female Marine Pilots and Naval Flight Officers
Female Marines enrolled in the Delayed Entry Program demonstrate how to properly perform crunches for an Initial Strength Test
Assessing How Delayed Entry Program Physical Fitness is Related to In-Service Attrition, Injuries, and Physical Fitness
 Gas Turbine Systems Technician (Mechanical) 2nd Class Quazavier Henderson monitors the engineering systems during a basic engineering casualty control exercise in the central control station of Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Stout (DDG 55)
Enlisted Career Paths for Top Snipes and Combat Systems Maintenance Managers
Female Engagement Team (FET) 13 in Sangin, Helmand Province, patrols through a cornfield with Marines
Assessing the Implications of Possible Changes to Women in Service Restrictions
Young Israeli women undergo tough, initial pre-army training at Zikim Army Base in southern Israel. REUTERS/Nir Elias
Assessing the Implications of Possible Changes to Women in Service Restrictions
A soldier carrying his son
An Evaluation of the Fitness Report System for Marine Officers
Military members being sworn in
Non-Citizens in the Enlisted U.S. Military
A soldier giving another soldier a reward
The Fitness Report System for Marine Officers: Prior Research
Troops waiting in line
Conscription in the Afghan Army Compulsory Service versus an All Volunteer Force
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Accession Screening for Language Skills and Abilities
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Developing an Expeditionary Warfare Officer Career Path
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Thinking about Military Retirement: An Analysis for the 10th QRMC
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Fiscally Informed Military Manpower Requirements
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Alternative Sea Manning Concepts: Practices and Policy Implications
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Non-Citizens in Today’s Military: Final Report
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A Review of the US Coast Guard’s Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) Specialties
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Seabee Assignment Tradeoffs
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Hard-to-Fill Billets, Individual Assignment Preferences, and Continuation
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Future Deployable Medical Capabilities and Platforms for Navy Medicine
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Senior Enlisted Personnel: Do We Need Another Grade?
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Standard of Living of Enlisted Personnel
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Are Aviation Obligations Driving Students Away?
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The Evolution of the Military Health Care System: Changes in Public Law and DOD Regulations