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Explore All: Tactics and Operations

Space Marines: Opportunities for the Marine Corps
Caroon illustrating Goodhart's Law, “when a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.”
Goodhart's Law
Report Cover For Independent Audit of the City of Little Rock Police Department
Independent Audit of the City of Little Rock Police Department
man testing underwater robot
Addressing AI's Operational Challenges
A flowchart explaining the processes of AI and emerging threats
Artificial Intelligence: Emerging Themes, Issues, and Narratives
mask in a bottle
Adrift: COVID-19 and the Safety of Seafarers
National Guardsmen with Company A, 2nd Battalion, 20th Special Forces Group (Airborne) prepare to exit a C-130 Hercules during a night training mission over Muscatatuck, Ind.
Why Special Operations? A Risk-Based Theory
A photo of a lightbulb made out of geometric patterns
Putting Innovation into Practice
A 1920s photo of a naval vessel with many people posing for picture
Naval Integration through History: Five Case Studies
Various military officers gathered around a table
Working Toward Cooperative Disaster Response: The Emergency Response Information Exchange
Generic CNA report image
Systems Thinking and Wargaming
A blue cover for CNA's report on Strategies for Policing Innovation
The Strategies for Policing Innovation Initiative: Reflecting on 10 Years of Innovation
A woman sitting at a computer it what seems to be a control center
Common Operational Picture Technology in Law Enforcement: A Market Review
Hurricane Maria
Supply Chain Resilience and the 2017 Hurricane Season
cropped cover
Pinellas County, Florida Hurricane Irma After-Action Report
Grocery warehouse full of food could help in natural disaster
The Role of Groceries in Response to Catastrophes
Generic CNA reports logo
Determining the Statistical Power of the Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Anderson-Darling Goodness-of-Fit Tests via Monte Carlo Simulation
Person playing a wargame
Gaming Sea-based Multinational HA/DR Operations at PACOM Amphibious Leaders Symposium 2016
Food chain reaction designed logo
Food Chain Reaction—A Global Food Security Game
An MQ-9 Reaper, armed with GBU-12 Paveway II laser guided munitions and AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, piloted by Col. Lex Turner flies a combat mission over southern Afghanistan.
Drone Strikes in Pakistan: Reasons to Assess Civilian Casualties
Photos of USS Freedom and USS Independence
CNA’s Integrated Ship Database: Fourth Quarter CY 2012 Update
The map of the world with trade routes
The Economic Implications of Disruptions to Maritime Oil Chokepoints
Generic Report Image
Systems Thinking and Wargaming
Generic CNA report logo
Transforming Naval Wargaming