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The China- Russia ‘No Limits’ Partnership Is Still Going Strong
Elizabeth Wishnick explores how the war in Ukraine has impacted China and Russia's partnership as well as the relationship between Xi and Putin.
U.S.-South Korea Relations in the Wake of the March 2022 Election
Thomas Bickford explores how South Korea’s new President, Yon Suk-yeol, will approach foreign policy with, North Korea, the U.S., China and Japan.
New Leadership For a New Generation
Jonathan Schroden examines how special operations commanders can adjust their leadership styles to attract and retain millennials and Generation Z cadets.
Q&A WITH CNA: What’s Next for Taiwan?
CNA China Studies analyst James Bellacqua answers our questions about what's next for Taiwan after Speaker Pelosi's visit.
Is the U.S. Close to War with China?
Adm. Michael McDevitt provides context to understand the chances of war or peace between China, Taiwan and the U.S. following Nancy Pelosi’s visit.