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Networked globe
What Can the U.S. Do To Promote Prosperity in Africa?
Alexander Casendino examines how the U.S. can promote economic growth and stability in Africa, considering the recent trend of military coups on the continent.
Combatting Beijing’s Influence: Lessons from Top Gun: Maverick
Heidi Holz explains how Top Gun: Maverick bucked Chinese government censorship, serving as an example for other films to succeed without the Chinese market.
Flights of Analysis: As an analytical organization, TOPGUN is a model
Just in time for Top Gun: Maverick, Jason Thomas explores the history of the TOPGUN fighter pilot school and CNA analysis of fighter tactics there.
Belt and Road Map
China’s Belt and Road Loses a Notch and Gains a Bump
Elizabeth Wishnick explains how the Russia-Ukraine war has affected China’s Belt and Road Initiative and hurt China’s relationships in Central Europe.
Drones Over Ukraine
Samuel Bendett explores how Russia and Ukraine have used unmanned aerial vehicles, especially commercial drones, throughout the war in Ukraine.