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North Korea's Strategic Surprise in the Yellow Sea: A Future Scenario
A “future history” account of a hypothetical strategic surprise in the Pacific, grounded in analysis of historical patterns and current trends outlined in the CNA Occasional Paper North Korea’s Arena of Asymmetric Advantage: Why We Should Prepare for a Crisis in the Yellow Sea.
Q&A With CNA: Russia's Troop Build-up on Ukraine's Border
CNA Russia analyst Julian Waller answers our questions about Russia’s military build up on Ukraine's border.
Beyond Pessimism: Three Paths to Progress in U.S.-Russia Relations
As geopolitical tensions in Eurasia remain high and the possibility for military action grows increasingly plausible, a set of diplomatic talks are underway this week, scheduled as a means of confronting issues head on.
The Winter Olympics: Opportunities & Challenges for Beijing
In February, Beijing will become the first city to host both a Summer and Winter Olympics when it hosts the Games of the 24th Winter Olympiad. For the Communist Party of China, this presents both opportunities and challenges.