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Belt and Road Map
China’s Belt and Road Loses a Notch and Gains a Bump
With the Russian invasion of Ukraine in full sway, China’s plans to expand trade and fortify transportation ties with Central and Eastern Europe have been thrown into disarray. Yet, even though the Russian war on Ukraine poses a direct threat to Xi Jinping’s signature Belt and Road Initiative and harms China’s own economic interests in Ukraine, Chinese leaders have maintained their implicit support for their strategic partner, Russia.
Drones Over Ukraine
Drones are now an inescapable part of practically any military conflict. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is no different.
What Does Putin's Invasion of Ukraine Mean for China-Russia Relations?
Considering that Xi Jinping has stated repeatedly that China wants to collaborate with other countries in global governance and build a “community of common destiny,” Beijing has been playing a marginal diplomatic role in responding to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
China and the Solomon Islands: Drivers of Security Cooperation
China and the Solomon Islands: Drivers of Security Cooperation
On March 24, Solomon Islands officials announced the signing of a policing deal with the People’s Republic of China (PRC), as well as a draft proposal for a broader security agreement that would include military cooperation.
Corrections Officers
The Real Challenges in Recruitment and Retention for Correctional Institutions
What are the existing challenges for correctional institutions, what do these institutions plan on doing to address this problem, how can institutions be better supported in improving recruitment and retention?