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Innovation and Communications
The 21st century requires new types of expertise that CNA has developed as special areas of focus.
data links and the command and control of dispersed forces. CNA analysts translate their expertise in cutting-edge technologies into practical guidance for decision-makers. We have developed tools ... Edge Exercise Dr. Mallory Ladd describes her experiences in Northern Edge, where she analyzed command and control, interoperability and Identification Friend or Foe Mode 5. video Cybersecurity Futures
ai and autonomy in russia: Special Issue, September 8, 2022
September 8, 2022 issue features translations of several Russian military journal articles that reflect on the use of AI and autonomy. All have been written since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
of the enemy. For example, the state, which is a recognized leader in high technologies, creates on their basis a complex system of command and control of troops and weapons for conducting military operations ... of hostilities, complete information superiority must be won, and the main task is to achieve lightning-fast, anemic strategic and operational paralysis of enemy’s command and control. Disruption ... weapons command and control.) The experience gained in combat operations as well as the results of theoretical studies and practical experiments indicate that the existing measures for combating UAVs
A Brief History of CNA
CNA is the oldest research and analysis organization in the United States that is an FFRDC, a federally funded research and development center. Our founder, Philip Morse, introduced the concept of operations research to the U.S. in order to address the German U-boat threat during World War II.
modeling the airspace over the entire country for the FAA. And when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, CNA command and control specialists moved into FEMA’s operations center 24/7 for six weeks ... of expertise within IPR. CNA evaluated the crisis-response command and control by FEMA and local agencies in New York and Washington. And analysts had just completed a bioterrorism response plan ... representatives deployed with their commands to Gulf region, serving on Navy ships, Marine Corps forward bases, and Joint command centers. They advised the Navy on avoiding mines in the Persian Gulf
china ai and autonomy report: Issue 13, April 21, 2022
A biweekly newsletter on AI and autonomy developments in China
. They argue that the ability to carry out core command activities (e.g., maintaining situational awareness, rapid decision-making, sound strategic and tactical design, thorough planning, efficient control ... and capabilities. Evaluations of command and control capabilities. Criteria for evaluating command and control capabilities include the ability to issue timely and complete instructions to each subordinate unit, the ability to command and control multiple units effectively, and the ability to issue commands based on changes to the battlefield situation. To conduct these assessments
china ai and autonomy report: Issue 19, July 28, 2022
A biweekly newsletter on AI and autonomy developments in China
in collecting data from various types of sources in an intelligentized warfare environment, the Chinese Institute of Command and Control has established the Information Fusion Professional Committee ... to be connected with human operators, sensors, weapon systems, and, in the case of swarms, other unmanned systems whose communication linkages can be attacked. Attacking command and control nodes. The article states that special operations forces and the employment of a combination of kinetic and non-kinetic attacks against the command and control nodes of UAVs can effectively degrade UAV
china ai and autonomy report: Issue 6, January 13, 2022
A biweekly newsletter on AI and autonomy developments in China
Foreign Ministry calls for P5 talks on the use of AI.   Fu Cong, director-general of the PRC Foreign Ministry’s Department of Arms Control, stated that the five permanent members of the United Nations ... aircraft is not yet achievable. However, it offers three methods for coordinating UAVs with manned aircraft operations; all involve the use of a “rear area control system,” which is presumably ground based. In the first method of coordination, the actions of the UAV(s) are controlled completely by the rear area control system. The UAV(s) feed sensor images and other data to the manned aircraft
ai and autonomy in russia: Issue 45, September 7, 2022
control of all stages of manual operations. Earlier, we wrote about Russia’s use of AI technologies in military industrial processes and enterprises, a trend that is growing across the country’s ... and long-range strike systems. In one, 2S-19 “Msta-S” self-propelled howitzer crews were striking Ukrainian defenses, suppressing command posts, and destroying weapons and military equipment ... Inspectorate for Control over the Use of Real Estate. Under the contract, Sitronics Group will present a minimum of three solutions. The system will have to analyze satellite images and determine
pla update: Issue 2, March 1, 2022
A monthly newsletter focused on the internal and external affairs of the PLA
regional fleets   and   PLA Air Force units in all five theater commands   held the following drills in their respective areas of operation: Eastern Theater Command Eastern Theater Navy vessels ... gun live-fire drills in the East China Sea. An Eastern Theater Air Force regiment organized flight training, including drills featuring KJ-2000 airborne early warning and control system planes, to test the unit’s “combat capabilities” on February 7. Southern Theater Command Southern Theater Navy vessels, including Type 919 “Anshen” AH CNS   You’ai   (AH 861) and Type 903 “Fuchi” AOR
china ai and autonomy report: Issue 5, December 16, 2021
A biweekly newsletter on AI and autonomy developments in China
training on AI-enabled command and control.   An article titled   “Exploring the Mechanism of Intelligent Operational Command Training”   argues that the widespread use of AI-enabled command and control ... a large number of command training simulations to test scenarios, adjust the algorithms and rules of the AI systems, and exercise the command and control links within theater command headquarters ... control ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Li Song, at the Sixth Review Conference of the UN Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons on December 13 (see article   here ). The position paper
china ai and autonomy report: Issue 22, September 8, 2022
A biweekly newsletter on AI and autonomy developments in China
Institute of Command and Control article points to US military when discussing constraints on using AI for military applications. An article written by researchers from the China Institute of Command ... increasingly complex operational environment and accelerating operational processes, has placed higher demands on command and control capabilities...the speed of observation, positioning, decision ... organizations, such as the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center, and joint strategies, such as the Joint All-Domain Command and Control Strategy, to better regulate the adoption of AI technologies