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Why Hasn’t Russia Established Air Superiority?
NSS Event: Nuclear Cooperation with Strategic Competitors
The Iran Protests and Crackdown
Brazil's Election: Bolsonaro vs. Lula
Afghanistan: The Taliban, ISIS-K and Al Qaeda
In Review
Nuclear Policy After the War in Ukraine
A New Vision for Special Operations Forces
The Chernobyl Meltdown: Past and Present
The Financial Collapse in Afghanistan
Putin, Raisi and Their Common Enemy
Racial Extremism in the Military
The Hermit Kingdom: The Rise of the Kim Dynasty
The Collapse of Cold War Naval Strategic Planning
The U.S. Departs Afghanistan
From UFO to UAP
Crisis Como Siempre (Crisis as Always)
September 11, 2021
Duck and Cover
Viral Extremism
Analysis in Combat: The Legacy of Desert Storm
Analysis in Combat: Operation Desert Saber
The Brain as a Secret Weapon
Analysis in Combat: First to the Front