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The Navy at a Tipping Point: Maritime Dominance at Stake?
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Organizing OPNAV (1970 - 2009)
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Maritime Security: Strengthening International and Interagency Cooperation
A collage of all covers of the Capstone Strategies series
U.S. Navy Capstone Strategy, Policy, Vision and Concept Documents: What to consider before you write one
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Deterrence and Influence: The Navy’s Role in Preventing War
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Renewal of Navy’s Riverine Capability: A Preliminary Examination of Past, Current and Future Capabilities
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Political-Military Trends in Italy, Greece, and Spain
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The Changing Nature of Warfare: Transcript and Summary of a Conference, 25-26 May 2004 at The CNA Corporation
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“North American Maritime Homeland Security and Defense” A CNA Corporation Workshop
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U.S.-Greek Naval Relations Begin: Antipiracy Operations in the Aegean Sea
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“Forward . . . From the Start”: The U.S. Navy & Homeland Defense: 1775-2003
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A Deep Legacy: Smaller-Scale Contingencies and the Forces That Shape the Navy
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The Use of Naval Forces in the Post-War Era: U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps Crisis Response Activity, 1946-1990
The Strategic Value of Maritime Sabotage
Reentering the Iran Nuclear Deal
Foreign Policy Advice for the New Administration