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 Maxim Shemetov, “9M723 missiles, part of Iskander-M missile complex, are seen during a demonstration at the International military-technical forum ARMY-2019 at Alabino range in Moscow Region,” Reuters, Jun. 25, 2019,; Alexander Natruskin, “A Russian soldier guides a huge nuclear SS-25 missile out of a hangar at a new strategic missile military base near a Russian city of Ioshkar-Ola April 18,” Reuters, Apr. 20, 1994,
Russian Strategy for Escalation Management
 Sergei Karpukhin, “A Russian officer takes a picture of a TU-95 bomber, or Bear, at a military airbase in Engels some 900 km (559 miles) south of Moscow August 7, 2008. The Russian defence ministry invited journalists on a tour of the base that is home to a part of the country's wide range bomber fleet,” Reuters, August 7, 2008,
Russian Strategy for Escalation Management
Russian healthcare workers wearing PPE
Russia's Coronavirus Messaging and Disinformation
Man at podium
Hyping the Russia-China Pipeline
Polar Politics: Russia's Interests in the Arctic
Russia's Role in the Libyan Civil War
Russia's Not-So-Invisible Role in the Libyan Conflict
Living Under the Cloud
collage of russian military parades
The Russian Army: Organization and Modernization
Russian soldiers looking at drone
Russian Military Expenditure in Comparative Perspective: A Purchasing Power Parity Estimate
Political Warfare and Subversion in West Germany
October 4 – official day of the Russian Space Forces
Russian Military and Dual-Purpose Spacecraft: Latest Status and Operational Overview
Maduro and Putin shaking hands
Russian-Venezuelan Defense Cooperation
“Permanent group of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea provides air defense in Syria,”
Russia’s Black Sea Fleet: Toward a Multiregional Force
Putin-Kim Summit
three windows with a truck carrying a nuclear warhead seen through them
Nuclear Arms Control Without a Treaty? Risks and Options After New Start
Active Measures
U.S. Withdrawal From Syria
A collage of naval items. Ships, soldiers, and a submarine.
The Russian Navy in the 21st Century: The Legacy and the New Path
Helsinki Summit
Russian armored vehicles
The Current State of Russian-Chinese Defense Cooperation
Jets on a carrier
The Russian Air Campaign in Syria: A Preliminary Analysis
Moscow Conference on International Security
Insights Into Russian Developments in AI and Unmanned Systems