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Inclusive NatSec: Masculinity and Authoritarianism
Artist’s concept of Soviet SS-20 mobile intermediate-range ballistic missile systems in launch position from Defense Intelligence Agency Soviet Military Power 1985. SS-20s as well as US Pershing II and Ground Launched Cruise Missiles were eliminated under the terms of the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty.
Working with the Adversary
InclusiveNatSec: The Crackdown in Iran
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ARMY-2022 Recap
Space Marines: Opportunities for the Marine Corps
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Recruitment and Retention in US Policing: Rethinking “Business as Usual"
Caroon illustrating Goodhart's Law, “when a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.”
Goodhart's Law
Inclusive NATSEC event graphic identity
Inclusive NatSec: Metrics and Methods
Assessment of CBSI Partner Nation Capabilities for Maritime Security and Law Enforcement
Major General John Deedrick, 1st Special Forces Command (Airborne) commanding general, offers a coin to a newly promoted psychological operations noncommissioned officer during a promotion ceremony larger than any other in Army special operations history.
Next Generation Leadership and Implications for Special Operations Forces
Russian Military Autonomy in Ukraine: Four Months In
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Navy Enlisted Detailing Marketplace Assignment Algorithm
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CNA Inclusive NatSec: AI and National Security
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Countering Chinese and Russian Alliance Wedge Strategies Summary
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CNA Inclusive NatSec: Inclusivity in Wargaming and Impacts for Defense Planning
A design featuring the flags of various countries
Countering Chinese and Russian Alliance Wedge Strategies
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CNA Inclusive NatSec: Gender, Sex, Stability, and Security
Map of truck flows from distribution centers to retail stores for the top five grocery brands in the Puget Sound Region.
A Case Study in Supply Chain Resilience-Private-Public Collaboration to Facilitate Flows
map of china with 4 efforts to fight covid-19 illustrated with icons
Rx PLA: The PLA Medical System’s Role in China’s Efforts to Fight COVID-19
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A Technological Divorce: The impact of sanctions and the end of cooperation on Russia’s technology and AI sector
Wing Loong armed drone
PRC Laws, Policies, and Regulations: Implications for Commercial, Economic, and National Security Interests
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PRC Economic Activity in the Arctic: Implications and Opportunities for the United States and Europe
CNA Inclusive NatSec Reflections from Lt Col Bree Fram
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CNA Inclusive NatSec Reflections from Carla Koppell