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Body worn camera
How Can Body Worn Cameras Maximize Police Accountability
Several companies are developing and testing new analytic tools that would allow agencies to systematically review BWC footage, hold officers accountable for their behaviors and improve performance. This post offers an overview of these analytic tools and their promise for maximizing the utility of BWC footage.
What China's Ukraine Position Paper Tells Us
Elizabeth Wishnick examines China’s position paper on the Russia-Ukraine war, and what it tells us about how Beijing uses diplomacy to advance its interests.
What Can We Learn From Train Derailments?
As the clean up continues after the East Palestine Train Derailment, John Kearse examines past incidents and how they can help stakeholders prepare for the future.
One Year of War in Ukraine
With the War in Ukraine entering its second year, Dmitry Gorenburg looks back at the scale of Russia’s failure to achieve its military objectives.
How China Might Use High-Altitude Balloons in Wartime
Kevin Pollpeter examines how China could utilize high-altitude balloons in a conflict scenario including reconnaissance and for offensive operations.