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many faces of people of different races and ethnicities
What is the Difference Between Inclusion and Belonging?
As part of CNA’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, we have trained a cohort of “DEI&B Ambassadors,” including Jeffrey Peterson who his perspective on a key question.
Three Myths About Classified Documents
With classified documents back in the news, Eileen Cholett examines problems with the federal record-keeping process and zeros in on a primary culprit.
Ukraine’s Ripple Effect on Russia’s Indo-Pacific Horizon
Elizabeth Wishnick examines how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has impacted the country’s economic and strategic prospects with the Asia-Pacific states.
50 Years of the Volunteer Force
On the 50 anniversary of the All-Volunteer Force, Jeffrey Peterson this force made created a more professional enlisted force than its draft-induced predecessor.
Understanding the Recent Protests in Latin America
Ralph Espach examines the factors behind the recent surge of political protests in Latin American countries including Brazil, Peru Bolivia and Chile.