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Taiwan political rally with Taiwan flags
Taiwan’s Four-Way Presidential Contest Heralds Change
Taiwan’s campaign for the 2024 presidential election shows a decline in major parties, the KMT and DPP, and rising interest in domestic and economic issues.
Computerized map with crime locations highlighted
Crime Analysts: Using Data to Make Communities Safer
Crime analysts identify patterns, trends, and connections in vast datasets to help law enforcement. The crime analysis profession expands along with police data.
Illustration of sky filled with drones delivering packages
Delivery Drones are Coming. Are We Ready?
Controlling the airspace for small package delivery by drones or UAS requires planning that is informed by analysis and modeling with tools such as CNA’s UCATS.
Grain loaded on ship in Ukraine
A Grain of Contention for China in the Black Sea?
Russia pulling out of the Black Sea Grain Initiative hurt China and the Global South, but Beijing has not criticized the loss of Ukrainian grain imports.
Katherine McGrady Presents Teamwork Award to the Emerging Technology Team
The team was applauded for their outstanding performance in a series of UAS challenges organized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.