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Operations Evaluation Group
Oversees exercise support and CNA’s unique Field Program, which deploys analysts long-term to commands around the world.
Operations Evaluation Oversees exercise support and CNA’s unique Field Program, which deploys analysts long-term to commands around the world. /images/Centers/CNA/OPGBanner.jpg Operations Evaluation Group The Operations Evaluation Group (OEG) oversees CNA’s Field Program and exercise support. The Field Program is unique among independent military research organizations, deploying analysts ... %20Programs/Operational/OPEval-FieldProgram2.jpg Field Program /centers-and-divisions/cna/special-programs/operations-evaluation/field-program none orange half CNA’s Field Program assigns analysts for two to three years
funded research and development center, or FFRDC. CNA’s unique Field Program embeds scientists in commands around the world. Our analytical expertise ranges from great power competition to fighter ... Home National Security Analysis One Mission, One Approach CNA is an independent, nonprofit research and analysis organization dedicated to the safety and security of the nation. For 80 years ... /reports/2023/02/prc-spy-balloon-reveals-new-arena-of-strategic-competition FullscreenList orange Explore more /centers-and-divisions/cna/special-programs/operations-evaluation/field-program /images/layout
Why CNA?
Ph.D.s). Through our field program, our work can take CNA professionals to the far corners of the world. In the course of their work, they have swum with dolphins, sailed the Caribbean on a Coast ... the interview process. Most analysts accept a field assignment within their first three years. Under this unique program, analysts work at various client sites around the world, helping clients tackle myriad ... Why CNA /images/Careers/Ladd_GOA.jpg Why CNA? CNA is a nonprofit organization that brings creative solutions to a vast array of complex problems faced in the critical arenas of national security
Tactics and Operations
and domestic operations, exercises and training. CNA analysts have always worked in close contact with officers and sailors, first responders and Marines, most notably in the CNA Field Program. CNA’s expertise developed in the field ensures that operators can make the best use of the technology and resources they have at hand. Military and government leaders rely on CNA to supply expertise ... /embed/C90MBK-h4ac small gray full CNA scientists who deployed to TOPGUN as field representatives reflect on the long analytical partnership between the two organizations. half /images/Centers/CNA/Special
What is CNA?
forces in every conflict since World War II and evaluate every major exercise. CNA’s unique Field Program embeds scientists in commands around the world. In recent decades, CNA analysts have earned ... What is CNA /images/About-Us/about-display-thumb.jpg What is CNA? What is an FFRDC? A federally funded research and development center, or FFRDC, is a research organization dedicated ... rely on CNA’s independent analysis as they address their most difficult challenges, from eliminating racial bias in policing and to preparing responders for natural disasters and epidemics
Katherine McGrady
clear and underlying dimensions to problems. McGrady’s roles at CNA have included Director of the Marine Corps Program, Director of Fleet Level Operations, Vice President and Director of Research ... McGrady-Katherine /images/Experts/McGrady-Katherine.jpg Katherine McGrady serves as President and CEO of CNA, providing more than three decades of research and leadership experience since she arrived at CNA in 1988. Her leadership is backed by deployments into conflict zones, from Somalia to Operation Desert Storm, where she gained operational experience serving side by side with Marines
Adam Monsalve
, such as the UTM Pilot Program and the ongoing UTM Field Test. He has coordinated UTM cybersecurity implementation at the international level to ensure interoperability between FAA and international UTM efforts. Monsalve led an award-winning CNA team with an industry partner, RIIS, in the National Institute of Standards and Technologies First Responder UAS challenge with a prototype cybersecurity device ... clients. At CNA, he has supported the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) NextGen organization with its enterprise-level cybersecurity and with implementing cybersecurity in uncrewed aircraft
Samuel Plapinger
. Plapinger has served as the CNA field representative to Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command/Fifth Fleet in Bahrain, where he conducted research and analysis for the senior U.S. Navy commander in the Middle East. Prior to joining CNA, Plapinger was a pre-doctoral fellow at the Program on Order, Conflict, and Violence at Yale University, where his research focused on civil wars. For his
Michael Kofman
Kofman-Michael /images/Experts/Kofman-Michael.jpg Michael Kofman is the director of the Russia Studies Program at CNA and an adjunct fellow at the Center for a New American Security. He specializes ... at War on the Rocks, which regularly publishes his articles on the Russia-Ukraine War, Russian strategy, the Russian military, and related subjects in the field of security studies. Previously, Kofman served as a program manager and subject matter expert at the National Defense University. He was also a fellow at the Kennan Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Center and the Modern War
A Brief History of CNA
CNA is the oldest research and analysis organization in the United States that is an FFRDC, a federally funded research and development center. Our founder, Philip Morse, introduced the concept of operations research to the U.S. in order to address the German U-boat threat during World War II.
. In June 1942, ASWORG assigned an analyst to the headquarters of the Gulf Sea Frontier in Miami, establishing what would become the CNA Field Program . By the end of the war, 43 of Morse’s analysts had ... and produced calculations on the maximum effective range of new air-to-air missiles. They were organized into a three-part structure still visible today at CNA: Field representatives rotated in and out ... Kuwait, setting in motion a shift from a focus on global threats to regional challenges, especially in the Middle East. Over the five months of Desert Shield and Desert Storm , 22 CNA field