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Explore All: Plans and Strategy

Ukrainian HIMARS on combat mission
US/NATO-Russian Strategic Stability and the War in Ukraine
Major General John Deedrick, 1st Special Forces Command (Airborne) commanding general, offers a coin to a newly promoted psychological operations noncommissioned officer during a promotion ceremony larger than any other in Army special operations history.
Next Generation Leadership and Implications for Special Operations Forces
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Preparing for Tomorrow’s Threats: Overcoming Obstacles to Organize, Adapt, and Innovate
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Reimagining Defense Strategy
world map
Sea Changes: Transforming U.S. Navy Deployment Strategy, 1775–2002
A cartoon photo of a sunset with dark storm clouds rolling in
Prevailing Under the Nuclear Shadow: A New Framework for US Escalation Management
The Ohio-class guided-missile submarine USS Georgia (SSGN 729) prepares to moor outboard of the submarine tender USS Emory S. Land
Diego Garcia: US and Allied Basing Rights in the Era of Great Power Competition
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Global Health Engagement:
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Overcoming Pathologies in Military Organizations
Violent protest in Bolivia over government increases to the cost of water.
The Role of Water Stress in Instability and Conflict
A sunset over the ocean
The Origins and Development of A Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower (2015)
eagle and globe MAB identity mark
Advanced Energy and U.S. National Security
A SM-6 Dual I fired from USS John Paul Jones (DDG 53) during a Dec. 14, 2016 MDA BMD test.
American Naval Policy, Strategy, Plans and Operations in the Second Decade of the Twenty-First Century
U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Kevin B. Gray
The Future of U.S.-India Naval Relations
CNA Military Advisory Board Logo
National Security and Assured U.S. Electrical Power
A collage of a monsoon, naval officers, a helicopter, and a U.S. and Indian flag
Improving U.S.-India HA/DR Coordination in the Indian Ocean
National Security and the Accelerating Risks of Climate Change logo
National Security and the Accelerating Risks of Climate Change
Soviet Typhoon strategic ballistic missile submarine.
Understanding an Adversary’s Strategic and Operational Calculus: A Late Cold War Case Study with 21st Century Applicability | U.S. Views on Soviet Navy Strategy and Operations
A collage of naval officers, naval vessels, and a US and Indian flag
U.S.-India Security Burden-Sharing? The Potential for Coordinated Capacity-Building in the Indian Ocean
A satellite image of a town
The Israeli “Nuclear Alert” of 1973: Deterrence and Signaling in Crisis
A map of the Bay of Bengal
The Long Littoral Project: Bay of Bengal A Maritime Perspective on Indo-Pacific Security
A globe with an aircraft carrier on top of it
The U.S. Navy in the World (1991-2000): Context for U.S. Navy Capstone Strategies and Concepts
A collage of naval capstones
U.S. Navy Capstone Strategies and Concepts (1991-2000): Strategy, Policy, Concept, and Vision Documents
A collage of naval capstone reports
U.S. Navy Capstone Strategies and Concepts: Introduction, Background and Analyses