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cna talks: Linking Supply Chains After a Disaster
With the hurricane season around the corner, this episode of CNA Talks explores the importance of supply chains and communication in the aftermath of a disaster. CNA’s Delilah Barton and Lars Hanson are experts in emergency preparedness, strategy and planning. They discuss CNA’s work helping cities, states and the federal government respond to disasters.
Management Professional.  Lars Hanson serves as a research scientist at CNA. He is an expert in infrastructure systems, natural resources, planning and decision support, environmental modeling, disaster ... water stress analysis, environmental impacts of energy infrastructure development, and energy-water nexus analysis for the power sector. Hanson has an MS in water resources engineering from Tufts University, and a BS in civil engineering and public policy from Carnegie Mellon University.  Related Materials Click here to learn more about our supply chain work:  Video:
to Boodman: “Applications to traffic systems, supermarket check stands, and myriad other service systems filled the journals.” 1950 –1953 On Land and Sea in Korea 19In the course the war ... through the rest of the decade. Phil DePoy, who was hired in 1959 with a master’s degree in nuclear engineering and partway through his Ph.D., says that in that era, “Navy strike forces were mostly ... for transforming the Navy. The resulting Project 60 depended in part on insights from a team of analysts in CNA’s Systems Evaluation Group. DePoy, who headed that group, and OEG Director Erv Kapos