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china ai and autonomy report: Issue 4, December 2, 2021
A biweekly newsletter on AI and autonomy developments in China
the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The author argues that satellite navigation will become more important in future warfare as unmanned systems become more prominent. He adds that satellite navigation ... researchers participated in a recent computer vision competition.   Several members of the PLA Engineering University are listed as co-authors of a recent   paper   in preprint format that summarizes ... that the company broke any laws. UNMANNED SYSTEMS The PLA is reported to have launched a mini aircraft carrier for drones.   The War Zone   reports   that photos of an apparent launch ceremony
ai and autonomy in russia: Issue 43, August 8, 2022
economic sectors and the overall impossibility of building a modern integrated system based on the combination of several currently functioning information systems. To address these issues ... and rocket forces. Each side in this war is therefore trying to identify, jam, or otherwise destroy the other’s UAVs, given the centrality of these systems in current warfare. SHIPBUILDERS DELIVER ... entities on robotics, information security, biotechnical systems, and AI. We wrote in Newsletter 37 about ERA’s emerging role as a key AI research and development hub. In April 2022, then-Deputy Prime
china ai and autonomy report: Issue 17, June 16, 2022
A biweekly newsletter on AI and autonomy developments in China
Junbiao, Xiong Jiajun, Lan Xuhui, Li Fan, Liu Wenjian, Xi Qiushi, "3D Tracking Algorithm of Hypersonic Gliding Target Based on Adaptive Filtering," Systems Engineering and Electronic Technology ... Agency’s “Mosaic Warfare” project, argues that future warfare will be characterized by self-organizing human-machine systems. Another article explains the role of cognitive domain operations in hybrid ... , not machines, are the decisive factor in war. We also feature two articles on unmanned systems: Video of the aircraft carrier Shandong shows seven UAVs on its flight deck, and video of a PLA Army exercise
ai and autonomy in russia: Issue 31, February 7, 2022
, and biotechnical engineering. The article notes that another important area of joint activity will be the development of modern infrastructure, “including electric vehicles, satellite systems, smart ... Directorate of Production and Technological Enterprise that manufactures military robotic systems, announced that a total of 19 UGVs—10 Uran-6 and 9 Uran-14 complexes, for demining and firefighting, respectively—were delivered to the Russian military in 2021. According to Gorsky, these UGVs are equipped with additional armor protection; their vision and control systems have been significantly improved
china ai and autonomy report: Issue 3, November 18, 2021
A biweekly newsletter on AI and autonomy developments in China
systems officer who manages the strike payload. Wang Ya'nan, the chief editor of Beijing-based   Aerospace Knowledge   magazine, told the state-run   Global Times   that the additional crew member ... . It will be characterized by high-speed, long-range precision strikes, stealthy AI-enabled platforms, and distributed unmanned systems that will rely on data, algorithms, and computing power to achieve ... and civilian, space and earth, and multiple domains, strengthens the development and application of mobile communication systems, and enhances mobile communication, broadband communication, and reliable
ai and autonomy in russia: Issue 37, May 2, 2022
and technological independence, and remains open to constructive dialogue with foreign companies to cooperate if they must leave the country. RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT TO SPONSOR CREATION OF 30 DOMESTIC ENGINEERING SCHOOLS In early April, Russian head of government Mikael Mishustin announced the creation of 30+ engineering schools throughout Russian universities across the country. These engineering schools ... . Engineering students will have access to government-supported internship and mentorship programs at state corporations and Russian companies, such as Yandex, Rostec, Russian Railways, and KamAZ
ai and autonomy in russia: Issue 42, July 18, 2022
TO REGIONS BORDERING UKRAINE Kommersant reported on June 20 that Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations (abbreviated as MChS) has requested to deploy the Safe City systems to several Russian regions bordering Ukraine, where the Russian government has noted an increased risk of terrorist attacks. Safe City programs involve AI-enabled systems harnessing data from cameras and various other sensors ... analysis of military technology developments, particularly his discussion of ground forces and unmanned and autonomous systems. In June 2022, Murakhovsky used his Telegram channel to discuss future tank
china ai and autonomy report: Issue 16, June 2, 2022
A biweekly newsletter on AI and autonomy developments in China
unmanned systems. The S&T Daily , an official PRC newspaper overseen by the PRC's Ministry of Science and Technology, reports that on May 18 the Southern Ocean Science and Engineering ... discusses the influence of “intelligentized warfare” on naval power. China’s Southern Ocean Science and Engineering Laboratory claims to have developed the world’s first unmanned surface vessel that can launch unmanned systems, while a PRC-UK team says it has developed an “aerial-aquatic robot” that can operate both under water and in the air. In a potential sign that the PRC government appears
china ai and autonomy report: Issue 7, January 27, 2022
A biweekly newsletter on AI and autonomy developments in China
are both for and against the use of autonomy technology in weapons systems. Their differing perspectives on technology, human oversight, ethics, privacy, and civil rights were considered in creating a checklist for technology developers and commanders before they develop or deploy intelligent autonomous systems. GOVERNING ONLINE PLATFORMS CCP CCDI to strengthen efforts to curb “disorderly ... industries for development. UNMANNED SYSTEMS UUVs complete series of scientific missions in the Marianas Trench and Arctic Ocean.   The PRC’s national academy for the natural sciences, CAS
china ai and autonomy report: Issue 5, December 16, 2021
A biweekly newsletter on AI and autonomy developments in China
” and opposes “moves to undermine the sovereignty and territorial security of other countries by using advantages in AI technology.” The paper asserts that “relevant weapon systems must be under human ... systems requires PLA officers to train on their use. The article argues that AI will reduce the observe, orient, decide, act (OODA) loop to seconds and will make the “cognitive flow” more important ... a large number of command training simulations to test scenarios, adjust the algorithms and rules of the AI systems, and exercise the command and control links within theater command headquarters