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Peter M. SwartzKarin Duggan
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This brief is built around a series of charts, tables and maps on the following topics:

  • CNO Admiral Elmo Zumwalt (1970-1974) 
  • Project SIXTY 
  • Missions of the U.S. Navy 
  • CNO Admiral James Holloway (1974-1978) 
  • Strategic Concept for the U.S. Navy 
  • NWP 1: Strategic Concepts of the U.S. Navy
  • NWP 1: Strategic Concepts of the U.S. Navy (Rev A.)
  • Sea Plan 2000 
  • CNO Admiral Thomas Hayward (1978-1982) 
  • CNO Strategic Concepts 
  • The Future of U.S. Sea Power
  • Companion reference on USN 1970s documents
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Approved for public release. Distribution unlimited.


  • Pages: 94
  • Document Number: MISC D0026414.A1/Final
  • Publication Date: 12/12/2011
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