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Strategy and Policy Analysis Program

The Strategy and Policy Analysis Program studies issues under five lines of effort:

  • Defense strategy development and lessons learned
  • Global alliances and partnerships
  • Nuclear and deterrence issues
  • Non-traditional security issues
  • Arctic strategy and policy

Our analysis incorporates workshops, table-top exercises and Track 1.5 dialogues.

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Working with the Adversary: Great Power Cooperation and Nuclear Risk Management

This report provides practical guidance on both when great power cooperation might work and how to increase the odds of success.

CNA's Strategy and Policy Analysis program hosted a panel event exploring the impact of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan on the country's women and girls.

The Future of US Alliances and Partnerships: A Data Science Approach

CNA experts in data science and in national security strategy used machine learning to quantify U.S. alliances and partnerships. Their novel approach could signal opportunities for stronger alliances and partnerships and even predict conditions that could strengthen or weaken alliances.


Julia McQuaid, Research Program Director
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