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Pacific Connectivity and Tonga’s Volcanic Eruption
April Herlevi explains how telecommunications infrastructure in Tonga was damaged by the volcanic eruption and the challenges it created for aid efforts.
North Korea's Strategic Surprise in the Yellow Sea: A Future Scenario
Markus Garlauskas presents a fictional future Yellow Sea conflict scenario, following the consequences of a surprise attack by North Korea against South Korea.
Q&A With CNA: Russia's Troop Build-up on Ukraine's Border
Julian Waller answers questions about Russia’s military buildup on Ukraine’s border amid Russian intervention in Kazakhstan and the approaching spring.
Beyond Pessimism: Three Paths to Progress in U.S.-Russia Relations
Julian Waller examines how President Biden and President Putin can further U.S.-Russia relations at their upcoming summit, in the shadow of Ukraine.
The Winter Olympics: Opportunities & Challenges for Beijing
James Bellacqua examines Beijing’s goals for the 2022 Winter Olympics, and how COVID-19 and climate change present new challenges to the event.