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Flowers and memorials to victims of right-wing shooter
Three Factors Drive Right-Wing Violence. We Can’t Solve the Problem Without Addressing All of Them.
Domestic terrorism is a product of a complex mix of three factors: mental illness, guns, and political divisiveness, including racism and authoritarianism.
Older couple walking away from flooded road
A Perfect Storm of Extreme Weather and Demographics Threatens Older Adults
Older US residents face growing risks from extreme weather because of climate change, the aging US population, and seniors moving to vulnerable regions.
Two women working at computers
Moving the Needle: What Leaders Can Do Now to Advance Women in Tech
Technology leaders should take six meaningful steps to close the technology gender gap by ensuring that they recruit and retain talented women.
semiconductor chips and water ripples
China’s Thirsty Chips
China’s drive for self-reliance in the semiconductor industry is challenged by shortages of clean water, and semiconductor fabs exacerbate China’s water problems.