Operational Warfighting

CNA’s Operational Warfighting division (OPS) focuses on improving the ability of the Department of the Navy to organize, plan, train and execute at the operational level of warfare. OPS analysis typically links wargaming, concept development, hypothesis testing and operational assessment into an iterative cycle. Their research emphasizes naval integration, joint and combined operations, cyber effects, intelligence support and special operations.

The Operational Warfighting division builds directly upon more than 75 years of operational research at CNA. Its analysts carry on the traditions established in World War II of scientists working side-by-side with naval operators and commanders to gather relevant data. The division is one of the largest in the Center for Naval Analyses and operates seven major research programs.

  • Organizations, Roles, and Missions
  • Fleet Plans and Requirements
  • Fleet Operations and Assessments
  • Operational Training and Readiness
  • Special Activities and Intelligence
  • Expeditionary Warfare
  • Gaming and Integration