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Fleet Operations and Assessments Program

Fleet Operations and Assessments measures, assesses and improves the Navy’s warfighting proficiency through analytical support to exercises and real-world operations. Several program staff are billeted to bases and ships long-term, and we collaborate with others in CNA’s Field Program. Our scientists take a comprehensive approach to exercise analysis:

  • Developing the assessment framework
  • Collecting data on site
  • Performing reconstruction and analysis
  • Improving data infrastructure

< Back to Operational Warfighting demonstrated noteworthy initiative and analytic ability while interpreting data from SARS-COV-19 outbreaks amongst the crews. Your efforts contributed significantly to the effective management of the pandemic, and set conditions for the remainder of the Fleet Staff to focus on sustained fleet operations.

Admiral W.R. Mertz, Commander, U.S. 7th Fleet, to Dr. Yousi Ma

He developed a new surface warfare advanced tactical training event that has become an integral part of all exercises…

Adm. Scott Robertson, Commander, Naval Surface and Mine Warfighting Development Center,
presenting Civilian Service Commendation medal to Larry Lynn


Richard Kohout, Research Program Director
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