75 years of service to our nation

CNA's Center for Naval Analyses

CNA's Center for Naval Analyses: cutting-edge, expert analysis and high quality, impartial information for effective decision making.

CNA's Center for Naval Analyses is a federally funded research and development center serving the Department of the Navy and other defense agencies. Center analysts pioneered the field of operations research and for more than 70 years have addressed issues that relate to military preparedness, operations evaluation, systems analysis, foreign affairs, strategic relationships, humanitarian operations, and logistics.

Decades of service to the national defense community have kept the Center continually engaged in working with complex data sets, problems of undefined scope and scale, and issues of great urgency. This vast reservoir of experience has allowed the Center to acquire unique competencies and develop well-honed analytic skills.

The Center’s efforts are defined by a unique brand of multi-disciplinary, field-based, real-world, real-time research and analysis that combines observations of people, decisions, and processes. Analysts work on-site with operating forces addressing such issues as finding the best ways to employ new technologies and how to handle the complex command-and-control relationships critical to multinational alliances and coalition operations.

The Center’s access, knowledgebase, experience, field presence, and institutional memory are powerful assets in addressing national security issues. Its superior operations research and long-range concept development capabilities allow the Center for Naval Analyses to address military challenges and opportunities with insight, clarity, and imagination.

Note to reporters and editors: CNA is not an acronym and is correctly referenced as “CNA, a nonprofit research and analysis organization located in Arlington, VA."

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