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Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy in Russia

As Russian leadership attempts to come to terms with technology's impact on its military power and role in the world, artificial intelligence and autonomy stand out as an area of particular growth and potential for influence.

In "Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy in Russia," CNA provides the first major piece of US research that articulates contemporary Russia's main initiatives, achievements, and accomplishments in AI and autonomy efforts and places those initiatives within the broader technological landscape in Russia.

Researchers worked closely with the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center to map and assess the Russian AI and autonomy ecosystem, finding that Russia faces significant challenges in the growth of its technological foundation—in terms of education, training, and the country's technology structure—that directly impact the development of AI and autonomy in Russia.

The rapid pace of development in AI and autonomy across the globe and in Russia drives new developments and initiatives announced almost daily. As this body of work demonstrates, it is critical that US national security policymakers consider that while Russia may not be a primary driver of AI innovation itself, it does prioritize investing in and capitalizing on developments in AI and autonomy.

The final report and preceding biweekly newsletters provide a current understanding of the Russian AI and autonomy ecosystem as well as a foundation from which to evaluate future Russian developments in these fields.


Jeffrey Edmonds, Senior Research Scientist Russia Studies Program
Samuel Bendett, Advisor, Russia Studies Program
Anya Fink, Research Analyst Russia Studies Program