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David Johnson
Systems segment of L3Harris Technologies. In this position, he oversees the front end of the segment business: Strategy, Business Development, Systems Engineering, and Programs. He is responsible for building the segment’s strategic growth plan, aligning the effort across the four sectors within Integrated Mission Systems and finding synergies with the four segments in L3Harris. Adm. Johnson ... he had responsibility for all Navy and Marine Corps programs and development for maritime, ground, aviation, space and C4I systems. Prior assignments included PEO Submarines, Deputy Commander Naval
china ai and autonomy report: Issue 13, April 21, 2022
A biweekly newsletter on AI and autonomy developments in China
, a biweekly newsletter published by CNA. Authors in the PLA Daily consider the best way forward for evaluating intelligent command systems, emphasizing the importance of integrating actual command ... ," the facial recognition giant CloudWalk Technologies, announced plans to go public. Intelligent Military Command Systems PLA Daily discusses requirements for properly evaluating intelligent command systems. The PLA Daily , the official newspaper of the PLA, published an article on how best to assess the performance of intelligent command systems. [1] The authors write that current
Addressing AI Challenges in Human Machine Teaming
Our review of DON strategy documents indicates that DON is paying insufficient attention to the full range of DOTMLPF-P (doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership & education, personnel, facilities, and policy) implications that these technologies will have. In particular, more attention needs to be paid to the Manpower, Personnel, Training, and Education (MPT&E) to enable human-machine teaming.
 systems are poised to revolutionize modern-day warfighting, and Department of Navy (DON) leaders have stated that these systems will make the difference between victory and defeat in great power ... will present for DON MPT&E systems, and the questions that DON must answer to overcome those challenges. It then recommends that DON develop a comprehensive research agenda to proactively address ... and educated force in the world.” MPT&E reform  is not addressed, but there is an unambiguous statement regarding the need to reform technology acquisition by developing  “innovative systems, modernizing
china ai and autonomy report: Issue 15, May 19, 2022
A biweekly newsletter on AI and autonomy developments in China
, reports that a team of researchers from the Big Data Information Engineering Group of the NUDT School of Systems Engineering had their research paper on AI-enabled combat command systems ... in the PRC peer-reviewed journal Spacecraft Engineering reported on research involving an unidentified PRC satellite that was able to track the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman in real-time ... is novel. The research team suggests that fully autonomous swarming has applicability for real-world tasks, including disaster relief, biological studies, dense air traffic systems, ready-to-deploy
china ai and autonomy report: Issue 10, March 10, 2022
A biweekly newsletter on AI and autonomy developments in China
Drone UAV Co., Ltd. displayed a UAV known as the “Thunderbird” at the United Arab Emirates’ Unmanned Systems Exhibition in Abu Dhabi that reportedly operates in “fully autonomous” mode. Tsinghua ... of future intelligentized operations. According to the article, intelligentized operations will exhibit the following characteristics: Cloud-supported operational systems.   Big data and cloud ... composed of ubiquitous battlefield networks, AI assisted decision-making systems, and AI-enabled operational platforms. Autonomous coordination of operational actions.   Intelligentized weapons
ai and autonomy in russia: Issue 34, March 21, 2022
for embedded systems, server solutions, and electronic gadgets. These chips were developed through a grant of over 7 billion rubles from the Ministry of Industry and Trade. According to reports, engineering samples of different models of the chips should appear in 2024, 2025, and 2026. The first chip released, Neuro-B, will be used in embedded systems such as medical equipment, unmanned cars, smart cameras ... of software for construction and mechanical engineering; network equipment manufacturer Cisco Systems; and German software companies SAP and Siemens. Saber Corporation, a major supplier of software
ai and autonomy in russia: Issue 32, February 21, 2022
like personal data, thereby taking into account citizens’ rights. INTEGRATION OF INTELLECTUAL TRANSPORT SYSTEMS TO PROCEED IN 42 REGIONS Early February reports suggest that the Russian government has concluded agreements with 42 regional governments and dedicated funding to incorporate intellectual transport systems. These systems would “automate traffic management processes and, as a result ... for the Safe City program proposed by the Ministry of Emergency Situations. This platform would “unite all urban and commercial security systems of the country ["facial recognition, traffic analysis cameras
china ai and autonomy report: Issue 22, September 8, 2022
A biweekly newsletter on AI and autonomy developments in China
drone intrusions in the airspace above Jinmen County. On August 24, the MND announced that it will build 45 counter drone systems between 2022 and 2026. According to Focus Taiwan , an English ... are exacerbated by incompatible information technology systems. The article states, however, that the US military is seeking to overcome these limitations through the establishment of joint ... . The article also states that the US military is working to overcome the lack of compatibility between commercial and military systems through Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency projects
china ai and autonomy report: Issue 8, February 10, 2022
A biweekly newsletter on AI and autonomy developments in China
brigade, a PLA unit conducting peacekeeping operations in South Sudan, and the crew of the Shenzhou-12, who conducted the first mission to the Tianhe space station in 2021. Unmanned systems PRC ...   contest   conducted by Maryland-based Heron Systems in which an AI algorithm beat an F-16 pilot 5-0. J-20 fighter may get unmanned and “loyal wingman” variants.   According to the state-run ... of metrology for AI in intelligent manufacturing and the need for additional research on designs that support “intelligent industrial control systems.” The English-language summary of the plan emphasized
Checklist Advances the Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence
CNA introduces tool to implement ethics policies for autonomous systems
Decision-Making : A First Step in Transforming the Policies and Ethics Principles Regarding Autonomous Systems into Practical System Engineering Requirements,” is available at Arlington, VA ... CNA introduces tool to implement ethics policies for autonomous systems /images/news/PressRelease.png Checklist Advances the Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence CNA has introduced a process ... intelligent autonomous systems. Each question is based upon a risk that has already been identified — including those raised by organizations opposed to the military use of autonomy. Here are five examples