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ai and autonomy in russia: Issue 41, June 27, 2022
to be integrated into a single information platform of the national data management system.” New cooperative agreements announced between IT and AI companies The IT company RDTECH has begun cooperating ... to be delivered to the MOD in 2024. TASS could not independently verify this information, although these data may relate to the maritime version of the Sirius long-range combat drone manufactured by the Kronstadt ... environment and high-speed processing of the received data. This system could consist of a wide-angle camera and a small computer that processes incoming information. According to Russian experts
china ai and autonomy report: Issue 1, November 2, 2021
The China AI and Autonomy Report, issue 1, is a biweekly newsletter published by CNA, on artificial intelligence and autonomy in China.
on the MIIT website here ). 30 The draft regulations, titled “Opinions on Industrial and Information Technology Data Security Management (工业和信息化领域数据安全管理办法), categorize data into three categories ... standardization in the fields of AI, information technology, and biotech. It also emphasizes the application of AI, big data, and Blockchain to improve infrastructure quality and management. 31 ... issuing of new regulations on algorithms, standardization, and the export of “core data,” and the setup of new “intelligent social governance experimentation bases,” which signal the Chinese Communist
ai and autonomy in russia: Issue 43, August 8, 2022
planning, checklists, communication management, as well as storage and systematization of data received from the websites of cargo carriers. In the second agreement, the Association of Software ... —mathematical training and advanced courses in AI and big data, training in management technologies and teamwork, as well as humanities. According to a CNews article, the National Nuclear Research ... Ter-Stepanov as acting head of the organization. Ter-Stepanov has been working for ANO “Digital Economy” since its start in 2017 as Deputy General Director; he focused specifically on data policy
ai and autonomy in russia: Issue 39, May 30, 2022
streamlining and management. Gosdata.hub will have three stages of development. First it will require the automatic integration of government data reporting. This depersonalized data will be used ... to the subcommittee have become invalid upon the subcommittee’s deletion. MINISTRY OF DIGITAL DEVELOPMENTS DEVELOPS A NATIONAL DATA “LAKE” The Ministry of Digital Development has begun to develop a national “lake” of data, named Gosdata.hub, intended to unite the flow of impersonal data of government agencies. The project will combine depersonalized data of authorities at all levels and will allow
ai and autonomy in russia: Special Issue, September 8, 2022
September 8, 2022 issue features translations of several Russian military journal articles that reflect on the use of AI and autonomy. All have been written since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
of military operations and the accuracy of management decisions corresponding to a complex strategic and operational situation will be ensured by systems based on artificial intelligence ... is in the capability to detect air targets in general or in a given sector, and incorporating the obtained data into the general data exchange network that is part a unified coordination system. The capabilities ... for radio-electronic destruction of small-sized aerial targets based on standard special vehicles; the creation of specialized reconnaissance means capable of identifying control and data transmission channels
How to Use Administrative Data to Measure and Interpret Racial, Ethnic, and Gender Disparities in Military Justice Outcomes
This report proposes a six-step iterative process for assessing the treatment of racial, ethnic, and gender (REG) groups in the military justice system (MJS).
How to Use Administrative Data to Measure and Interpret Racial, Ethnic, and Gender Disparities in Military Justice Outcomes How to Use Administrative Data to Measure and Interpret Racial, Ethnic ... from the FY 2020 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA): Establish criteria for determining when to review data indicating that racial, ethnic, and gender (REG) disparities in military justice ... the first tasking, the study team combined emerging best practices from the civilian criminal justice system (CCJS) with a review of the military justice system (MJS) to create guidance for data
intersections: Issue 7, December 2023
Intersections, Issue 7, CNA news digest of China’s efforts to acquire Western technology, U.S. and partner efforts to protect technology for national security.
seven covers changes to PRC regulations on data transfers and export controls on critical minerals, new US semiconductor export restrictions, and European Union (EU) discussions about policies to protect ... , the PRC may end up approving most graphite exports, resulting in negligible disruption to global supplies. PRC cyber regulator signals loosening of rules on cross-border data flows. In October 2023, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) released new draft guidelines that would loosen the PRC’s restrictive regime for authorizing the transfer overseas of data stored in China. Under
ai and autonomy in russia: Issue 42, July 18, 2022
bordering Ukraine, where the Russian government has noted an increased risk of terrorist attacks. Safe City programs involve AI-enabled systems harnessing data from cameras and various other sensors ... exports to Russia, analysts do not expect a shortage of components if the deployments eventually proceed. PERSONAL DATA LEGISLATION TO EASE CROSS-BORDER DATA EXPORT As the Russian Duma debates the law “on personal data,” Russian businesses have expressed concerns about provisions restricting cross-border export of personal data. Revisions to the bill seek to simplify the process of seeking
ai and autonomy in russia: Issue 37, May 2, 2022
will be developed in partnership with enterprises and industrial centers in their native region. Planned course offerings include digital design, robotics, artificial intelligence, big data, digital twins ... for businesses that have leaked personal data, a reoccurring issue for Russian industry and government. MOSCOW INITIATES FINANCIAL SUPPORT PROGRAMS TO ADAPT DOMESTIC IT AND TECH TO SANCTIONS IMPACT ... is exhausting its economic support capabilities. MANAGEMENT OF THE DIGITAL ECONOMY PROJECT reports that the Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation is no longer
ai and autonomy in russia: Issue 34, March 21, 2022
on Wrangel Island in Chukotka region. According to the exercise, multiple UAV targets were detected and classified, and these data were then transferred to the air defense command post. During another exercise ... . Intel on the adversary forces was provided by Orlan-10 UAVs. This combination is known as a reconnaissance fire/strike contour (complex), with an aerial drone providing data on the target in real time ... implemented, to speed up the process of entering passport data. The program automatically transfers patient passport data directly into the medical information system of the clinic through an AI application