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Gregory N. SuessLynette A. McClain
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In this CNA Interactive Software document, we present the update of our Integrated Ship Database (ISDB) for the fourth quarter of calen- dar year 2012.

In this version of the ISDB, as in the previous ones, we bring together data on naval ships from several different online government sources into a single combined database tool. The ISDB makes ship data readily accessible for analysis and reporting. By continually maintain- ing and updating the database, we are better able to respond promptly to requests for information on ships from our sponsor1, from other CNA research scientists and analysts, and from others in government as well.

Since our initial version in 2005 , we have published 27 quarterly updates [2–28]. They are all available online on the Integrated Ship Database page of CNA’s website,

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  • Pages: 44
  • Document Number: DIS-2014-U-006685-Final
  • Publication Date: 3/1/2014